Mercury OptiMax DFI 3.78L Outboard Oil

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Direct fuel Injection, specifically formulated for 2 cycle engines.

Synthetic blend. Quicksilver Performance DFI oil is recommended for use in Mercury or Mariner Optimax and DFI 2-cycle outboards. It is not intended for use in any engines specifiying a tc-w3 oil.

Higher operating temperatures and reducing oil rates in Mercury and Mariner Optimax & DFI outboards have put increased stress on lubricants. By combining synthetic additives and a modified base stock blend, Quicksilver Performance DFI oil will minimise carbon build-up, provide increased lubricity and resistance to scuffing and maintain peak engine performance and fuel economy while helping to reduce smoke. 

The OptiMax/DFI Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Outboard oil is specifically designed for Mercury Marine direct-injected outboard engines. The additive package used in this oil is superior to the other oils we produce and is formulated to provide an extra margin of protection in the OptiMax engines. OptiMax engines have additional pressures and temperatures over their carbureted and EFI counterparts.