Radar Strada Slalom Water Ski

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Selecting a PVC/Carbon construction ski is like eating at a fancy steakhouse. All claim to have the finest PRIME beef. But we all know that’s not guaranteeing you a well-prepared and delicious plate. Our time in the kitchen (Research and Development) and satisfied customers (tournament results) are telling the story for us. There is no other ski capable of what the Strada can do for you.

Speed is unmatched and balance is automatic. Skier after skier jump on the Strada and immediately know they have found a new home. Our boutique manufacturing operation at the Radar Lab is unique in the batch size and hand care taken of each ski that’s made.

Seasoned veterans with decades of experience in ski craftsmanship walk every Strada through the production line. Each ski delicately prepared for the most extreme of skiers. The Radar Strada is the addition of a torsion enabling offset carbon top laminate. By offset, we mean that the fibre orientation has been changed to give the ski better rebound after torsional flex. In research, we have found this torsional flexing action of the ski to be necessary. It’s not to be limited, but to be controlled in rebound back to static shape. Finding the perfect balance of torsional stability while still allowing the ski to have necessary dynamic action at the finish of the turn and off the second wake has made our legendary shape even greater. Ski earlier in the course and faster off the second wake on the Strada.

Our new top contours have reduced unnecessary weight in the tip, balancing the ski, ready to lead you into battle.


  • PVC core construction
  • 100% carbon laminates
  • First ski designed with GPS cruise control in mind
  • Weight reducing, strength reinforcing tip contours
  • Handbuilt in the USA at Radar Lake
  • Boat Speeds - 32 to 36 mph
  • 66"(125-175 lbs) with Vector boot and RTP (Rear Toe Plate)
  • Ski comes Blank with Fins.