Sportsstuff Popa Wheelie

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Mild or wild? The Sportsstuff Popa Wheelie has dual tow points to deliver both!

Connect the Kwik-Connect to the "mild" tow point on front for a conventional tube ride. Or connect it to the "wild" tow point on bottom for a super exciting ride with lift in the front that lets you "pop-a-wheelie." Little ones will enjoy the comfortable backrests and "Cadillac ride." Your teens will love popping wheelies around the lake.

Features rugged double-stitched nylon cover, heavy-gauge PVC bladder, speed safety valve for fast inflation, EVA foam padded seats, multiple double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards, and self-bailing drain vents. 340-lb. weight capacity. 78" x 65" (deflated).

The Speed Safety Valve is a simple, easy-to-use valve that's welded directly to the towable bladder. It opens for inflation when pushed in.

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