Tenob Outboard Rise and Fall Platform Bracket

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Superior construction means that it is possible to have a motor mounted on this bracket while towing your boat on the road.

  • No parts to come loose or fall off due to use of pressed stainless steel pivots and shake-proof fasteners.
  • Made in NZ by TENOB. 
  • Lifetime polished marine grade 3mm stainless steel.
  • 25hp maximum standard & 20hp maximum long (20-23") shaft models. 58kg maximum engine weight. Applies to both 2 and 4 stroke motors.
  • Platform to top of timber: 475mm in raised position, 135mm in lowered position.
  • Vertical movement (adjustment) 340mm (13.3/8").
  • Reach: 350mm.  Overall width (left/right) 295mm.

Mounting footprint: 263mm fore-aft (front-back).  280mm wide (left-right) (note that the bracket can overhang the platform up to 100mm thus reducing the fore-aft space required) 

Timber size: 260 x 190 x 35mm. Varnished Pacific hardwood. Hardwood is an ideal material because the outboard motor clamps sink slightly into the surface, thus reducing the risk of the motor slipping off.  This cannot be achieved with plastic mounts.