Welcome to Senator, the home of seriously great boats.

Proven and trusted by boaties throughout New Zealand. Senator boats are valued for their stability, superior ride and load carrying storage capability and affordability. With the reassuring safety of a unique alluminum pontoon design, coupled with a range of innovative design features.
Senator offers an exciting selection of boats for everyone to enjoy, and Mr Boats is the home of Senator Boats in the South Island.

Call into one of our showrooms to view the range, at 247 Dyers Road in Christchurch, or 74 King Street in Timaru.

RC540 Pontoon Cuddy

$40,948This is not a huge boat when on trailer but when in the water the Senator 540 acts like a big boat and also offers big boat working room. It’s a proven performer, with up to 115 horsepower and capable of carrying the load of your choice to and from your favourite spots in comfort and with ease....

RC500 Pontoon Cuddy Packages from $39, 995

$41,703If you’re looking for a great small boat to access those out-of-the-way beaches hiding the best fishing spots then the RC500 is just for you. It’s multi-chambered, pressure-tested pontoon, higher sides and cuddy cabin will keep you drier and ensure a safe, smooth ride every time you’re out boating. Please contact our Timaru branch for more details....

RH620 Pontoon Hard Top Packages from $75,000

$82,955The RH 620 Pontoon Hard Top is known for its stability and a great ride! Excellent deck space for a boat this size. This package returns around 20 litres per hour at 50km. Some items listed might not be included in this price ,...

RH 650 Hard Top Packages from $85,000

$85,000A proven bestseller, the size and standard features of the RH620 are second to none. The RH620 offers unbeatable value with its unique hull design and the ability to be powered with up to 200hp. Add to that plenty of usable interior space, including standard back-to-back seats and squabs in the front cabin. With an entry angle of 26degrees varying to 18degrees at the ster...