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We’re NZ’s outboard & inboard specialists.

If your first question is whether to go for an outboard motor or inboard option, you’re not alone. Did you know that some boaties choose the motor before the actual new boat? That’s because your inboard/outboard choice will ultimately determine which boat you’ll end up with.LEARN MORE

Mr. Boats is an authorised agent for Yamaha and Mercury outboard motors, as well as the MerCruiser (stern-drive) inboard motor range. Don’t know which to choose? No problem – our highly experienced sales team can talk you through the different options available that suit your lifestyle and boating experience.

For example, if you prefer skiing and boating in rivers and lakes, you may prefer an inboard or stern-drive motor like our MerCruiser Range. Inboard motors sit inside the boat and take up more space than an outboard motor but the result is a boat with a flatter hull, giving more stability on the water and less risk of damage in shallow waters.

An outboard motor, on the other hand, is often used by fishermen and blue-water boaties who prefer the inexpensive servicing that comes with most outboard motors due to their easy-access location. Another advantage is that most outboard motors are suited for boats with deep V-shaped hulls which provide more stability and ride comfort in rough water.

Every new Mercury and Yamaha outboard motor comes with a 3-plus-2-year warranty. This means that if you choose our 3-year service plan you’ll get a further 2-year warranty on your motor! We also sell used boat motors, so come in for a chat.

150HP Pro XS Four Stroke

Mercury 225HP EFI V6 Mercury

Mercury 200HP EFI V6 Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F15 Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F9.9 Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F6 Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F8 Four Stroke

Mercury 175HP EFI V6 Four Stroke


Mercury 250HP Pro Four Stroke

Mercury 60HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 50HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 300HP Pro Four Stroke

Mercury 15HP Super Two Stroke

115HP Merucry EFI Pro XS

Mercury 135HP EFI Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F4 Four Stroke

Yamaha Portable F2.5 Four Stroke

Yamaha Midrange F25 Four Stroke

Yamaha Midrange F40 Four Stroke

Yamaha Midrange F60 Four Stroke

Yamaha 5.3L V8 Offshore F350

Yamaha 4.2L V6 Offshore F300

Yamaha 4.2L V6 Offshore F225

Yamaha 4.2L V6 Offshore F250

Yamaha Midrange F70 Four Stroke

Yamaha In-Line F115 Four Stroke

Yamaha Midrange F50 Four Stroke

Yamaha High Thrust FT60 Four Stroke

Yamaha High Thrust FT9.9 Four Stroke

Yamaha In-Line F200 Four Stroke

Yamaha In-Line F150 Four Stroke

Yamaha In-Line F175 Four Stroke

Mercury 40HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 30HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 15HP Two Stroke

Mercury 8HP Two Stroke

Mercury 6HP Two Stroke

Mercury 9.9HP Super Two Stroke

Mercury 8HP Four Stroke

Mercury 30HP Two Stroke

Mercury 9.9HP Four Stroke

Mercury 6HP Four Stroke

Mercury 5HP Four Stroke

Mercury 2.5HP Four Stroke

Mercury 3.3HP Two Stroke

Mercury 4HP Two Stroke

Mercury 3.5HP Four Stroke

Mercury 4HP Four Stroke

Mercury 5HP Two Stroke

Mercury 15HP Four Stroke

Mercury 20HP Four Stroke

Mercury 225HP Verado Six Cylinder

Mercury 150HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 115HP EFI CT Four Stroke

Mercury 250HP Verado Six Cylinder

Mercury 300HP Verado Six Cylinder

Mercury 60HP EFI CT Four Stroke

Mercury 350HP Verado Six Cylinder

Mercury 115HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 90HP EFI CT Four Stroke

Mercury 40HP EFI CT Four Stroke

Mercury 25HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 75HP Two Stroke

Mercury 50HP EFI CT Four Stroke

Mercury 90HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 75HP EFI Four Stroke

Mercury 2.5HP Two Stroke